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The provision of real estate services includes, among other things, consultations on the purchase and sale of residential properties, and the legal regime of: real estate investment financing, leasing and property management.


  • Preparation in Notary and registration of public deeds of sale, leases, etc.

  • Comprehensive property management, collection management, incident and maintenance services, etc.

  • Advice on choosing the best real estate offers from banks.

  • The aid in the formalization of power of attorney (if the buyer personally will not be able to reach Spain by the closing period of the transaction and will not be able to be present at the notary for the signing of the contract of sale)

In the purchase and sale of housing, or real estate in general, it is necessary to have a good real estate advice, the clauses of the contract of sale must be clearly drafted, in a way that allows the buyer and seller to know the existence and content Of the contract and must respond to the principles of good faith and balance between the parties, which excludes the use of unfair terms.
It is necessary to know exactly what is the value of a particular property, home, local, land, for it can contract the services of an appraiser, which will cost approximately a hundred and fifty euros. The other way is to calculate the cadastral value of the property, applying a series of value correctors depending on the area in which the house is, and always taking into account the surplus value.


  • Advice on financing for the purchase and sale of real estate.

  • Professional assistance in the preparation of the complete set of documents for the formalization of the mortgage loan up to 100% financing.

  • Assistance in opening the bank account.

There are different types of Mortgage Loan depending on the interest rate set by the financial institution. As "interest" is defined at the price charged by the banks for the grant of money:
  • Fixed interest rate: The monthly payment to be paid is maintained throughout the life of the loan. In this way, although at the time of hiring the payments are usually higher and for a shorter number of years (12-15), you know in advance what you will pay each month without any ups and downs which pose an added concern.
  • Variable interest rate: The interest rate is reviewed annually, semi-annually or quarterly as established by the mortgage, adjusting to reference rates such as the * Euribor, so that the fee will vary periodically. At the time of contracting this modality has the advantage that the variable rate is lower than fixed rate mortgages, and amortization periods are usually longer, between 20 and 30 years or even more.
  • Mixed interest rate: In this case, a fixed interest rate is charged during a first period (usually three to five years) which then becomes variable in relation to the agreed rate.



  • Assistance in formalizing and obtaining N.I.E. (Foreign Identity Number)

  • Certificate of residence for EU citizens

  • Residence or residence permit authorizations for investors and entrepreneurs

  • Letter of Invitation

GOLDEN VISA · Residence permit for investors.
The so-called spanish "Golden Visa" is the result of a law that allows investors from countries outside the EU to obtain a residence permit. Persons wishing to invest in a property in Spain must provide a minimum amount of EUR 500,000 per person (exempt from tax!). This amount can be invested in a single real estate or distributed in different real estate, also contemplates the investments as co-owner. Each amount over EUR 500,000 can be financed by mortgage.
In this case, the processing takes a little over 3 months and the decision depends on the provisions contemplated in the Aliens Act, which came into force prior to the new investment law.
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