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We maintain a growing real estate activity in the market of buying and selling apartments, flats, villas, villas, offices, warehouses and commercial premises. In our real estate portfolio you can find some of our properties.
We maintain the agreements with financial entities for the management of properties from bank repossessions.
We maintain contact with investors and carry out an aggressive advertising campaign to get the best sale and rental option in the shortest possible time.

The list of services is as follows:


 Advertising and real estate marketing - a global view of the process of sale in a real estate transaction, from the market research, determination of target price, the use of the channels of promotion to be adequate, to the establishment of a program of work, tracking of customers and agreements that achieve the closure of the deal.


 Interior design, Disposal of furniture, Accessories and Equipment (we cooperate with famous design bureaus).


  Management of complaints and suggestions. We contacted the tenant directly about any incidents during the lease, analyzing the incident and providing solutions to the owner.


 Processing of claims to home insurance.


 Control of incorporation of new tenants / eviction of the tenant and the preparation of a report on the hardware of the property for the return of the deposit.

 Management of maintenance, cleaning and repairs.

 Management and development of receipts from leases, reviewing rents.

 Hiring legal assistance in the situation of non-payment of receipts.


Services to the owner that we offer significantly improve the quality of provided assistance to the tenant quickly and directly, avoiding the owner for the inconvenience of the management of property. The cost of the services you can get in touch with a specialist of OUR TEAM

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