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It is no secret that property is a form of capital, the most reliable of any that exist right now. While a currency or stocks, for example, may always be exposed to the risk of devaluation or can simply disappear, property will not disappear and will remain in the same place, year after year.

If you are the proud owner of property as capital, but the capital brings you no profit and you are not familiar with the expression "passive income", get in touch with us at once!

Today, the acquisition of property with a subsequent lease agreement is the most reliable, straightforward, and common method of preserving and augmenting your funds. 
In the current market conditions, in our wonderful archipelago of the Canary Islands, you can receive between 6-9% per annum from your invested funds, while the banks offer between 0-1% per annum for using your money.

Another important point is that property prices have a tendency not to fall but to rise. This process is irreversible and, after several years of leasing your property, it can be sold for a profit and, apart from the money you will have earned from the lease itself, you can also add a margin from the property’s sale to the amount you initially invested.


When transferring the provided text into figures, we get the following:

  • EUR 120.000 - the cost of an apartment in Las Palmas
  • EUR 700/month - the lease amount per month
  • EUR 700 x 12 months = EUR 8.400
  • EUR 8.400 - 15% (depreciation + taxes) = EUR 7.140 - net profit per year
  • Tax reference material: Home rental taxation
  • EUR 7.140 = nearly 6% of your passive income a year


  • We will find a liquid property
    Property which can be sell or rent quickly, profitably and without problems.
  • We will check the technical condition of the property
    With the help of our construction professionals.
  • We will check the legal status of the property
    With regards to liens, encumbrances, property rights, debts, persons who have declared their place of residence there, etc.
  • We will request a discount for you
    If the price of the property you’ve found does not correspond to the market price or is unreasonably excessive.
  • We will prepare all of the necessary contracts
    Which may be required to process a transaction, such as an earnest money contract, a contract of sale, a contract of intent, a preliminary contract, agreements, acceptance certificates, and other agreements.
  • We will arrange a mortgage loan for you
    For the property you wish to acquire by using our partners, who will provide the best mortgage rates possible.
  • We will hold all of the necessary negotiations on your behalf
    With the seller or their representatives, taking into account all of your interests.
  • We will represent all of your interests
    With state institutions, municipalities, notary offices, and also Registro de la Propiedad, Ayuntamiento, Instituto Canario de la Vivienda and other institutions.
  • We will rent the property
    We will find a decent, solvent tenant, prepare reliable agreements.

The service cost is 3% of the transaction amount plus VAT. 
In the case of the acquisition of objects from our database - a service is FREE. 
Sign up for a free consultation and then reach an informed decision about whether this level of service is right for you. 

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