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Are you looking for accommodation to buy or rent in Canary Islands ?

We offer housing that we have at your disposal in our real estate portfolio with all real estate that covers the best of the real estate market of the Canary Islands.
We inform you about our current offers, they are all relevant and available at the moment.
We will help you find accommodation in Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Lanzarote or other islands, that is best suited to your needs.

Trust our advisors specialized in the selection of properties for sale and rentals to find the apartment that matches your criteria.
We have an important offer thanks to the owners and investors who trust in the quality of our services.
If we do not have your home in our portfolio we look for it, always offering the following:

  • Search for housing based on your criteria and financial possibilities.

  • Opinion about the housing situation.

  • Estimation of price.

  • Verification of documentation.

  • Negotiation with the owner or investor to obtain the best market conditions.

To get your future home, find out our proposals or contact with real estate professionals PLEASE FILL OUT THE FORM


Do you want to sell your property in the Canary Islands?

A successful business strategy is essential for you to achieve your goal, which is also ours: the sale of your property.
We use both classic and modern marketing tools so that the property can be sold in a short space of time.
We have the necessary knowledge and training to offer and sell real estate at market prices.

Our specialists in real estate sales will offer services in accordance with your requirements:

  • Search for a potential buyer.

  • ​Estimation of housing without cost.

  • Photo report.

  • National and international publication adapted to your requirements.

  • Filter of interested customers.

  • We make visits only with potential buyers.

  • Statistics reports.

  • National and international real estate network at your service.

In order to sell your property, please contact with real estate professionals PLEASE FILL OUT THE FORM


Do you want to rent out a property in the Canary Islands?

We will gladly visit you to assess the rental value.
The strategic location of our office, the ease of navigation of our site, and also due to our multipolar use of Internet resources, we have excellent opportunities to find the perfect tenant for your property!

Our consultants specialized in the rental and management of real estate will offer services in accordance with your requirements:

  • Search for potential tenants.

  • ​Estimation of rental price.

  • Photo report.

  • Publication of your property in more than 20 real estate portals in Spain.

  • Publication of your home on the internet at an international level.

  • Filtration of interested customers.

  • We only make visits with potential tenants.

  • Statistics reports

To rent out your property, please contact with real estate professionals PLEASE FILL OUT THE FORM


Have you decided to invest in real estate in the Canary Islands ?

Whether you intend to buy a home for your own use, or if you intend to buy a home to exploit it on a rental basis immediately, we can help.
Invest whatever you want, no matter if the investment you want to make high or low, you decide what type of property you are interested in.

Once we receive your data, we will contact you and send you information about the available real estate opportunities that best fit your investment preferences.
Our team of professionals will offer you the properties of our own portfolio. You can acquire properties with a high profitability (usually between 6% and 10% annually) and below the market price.


To invest with us, please contact with real estate professionals PLEASE FILL OUT THE FORM

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